Monday, September 21, 2009

The Jacobs Photos - Bigfoot or bear?

In late 2007, the media was abuzz about a series of photographs taken by a stationary trail camera with an infrared flash set up by Rick Jacobs in northwestern Pennsylvania. The camera captured a few photos of what were clearly bear, followed by two images (one of these is above) which many feel show a Bigfoot in a hunched position. The creature in the photos was apparently about the size of an adult bear, although analysis of limb ratios was more in line with a primate identity.

The explanation offered by the Game Commission was that the photographs depicted a bear afflicted with mange (the BFRO website feature on the Jacobs Photos includes a photograph of a mangy bear).

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  1. That was no bear scientists worked out the size on location and found it had 22 inch arms and 18 3/4 long body. That was impossible for a bear. It was more like a chimpanzee than anything because it was too small for a Bigfoot unless it was a young one. Nobody ever had a clear picture of a young one so there's nothing to compare to.