Friday, September 11, 2009

A grasshopper of a different hue

English newspaper The Sun reports on the discovery of an aberrant grasshopper:
A SCHOOLBOY has stumbled on a rare PINK grasshopper.

Eagle-eyed Daniel Tate, 11, was taking part in the first Minibeasts in the Marshes event at Seaton Marshes, Devon, when he came across the little hopper.

Experts say it is a common green grasshopper which just happens to be pink.

Daniel said: "I was looking for grasshoppers when I saw something pink.

"I thought it was a flower but I saw it moving, so I tried to catch it. It jumped so then I knew it was a grasshopper.

"I was really excited to hear that no one else had found a pink grasshopper at that place before."

James Chubb, education ranger for East Devon council, said: "There are billions of meadow grasshoppers across England but this is the first pink one I have ever seen.

"It is caused by a genetic mutation in its reproductive cycle.

"It's almost a full adult, so it has survived this long being bright pink there is a chance it will live to reproduce and pass on its pink gene."

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  1. Pink katydids have been found here in the US. Neat little mutants.