Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Field & Stream trail cam photo

The photograph on the right is making its rounds on the Bigfoot websites around the internet. Now, while we don't know that this picture was taken in Pennsylvania - or even on the East Coast - it has been noted that it looks to be very similar to the infamous Jacobs photos (possibly showing a Bigfoot, or, much more likely, a mangy or underfed bear) which likewise made the circuit a few years back.

The newer photo, to me, seems like it may have been Photoshopped, in part: the body and head of the creature don't seem to jive. While the body displays motion blur, the head looks very static. It also, in my opinion, doesn't look necessarily apelike. Most likely scenario to me is that it is a genuine photograph of a running bear, with the ursine's head Photoshopped out and replaced with a more apish head.

Original image source: Field & Stream

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