Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm Back

I've decided on the direction of the blog. I'll be reporting things that occur on the East Coast, though I'll try to avoid Pennsylvania things for now, unless it's too late for their inclusion in the book, although (for now) Maryland is still fair game. The book, by the way, I think I'll title (at least for now) The Hills Rise Wild (provided Arkham House is cool with that), although as always anyone's free to suggest other titles. I dig that one, though I suppose it could give someone the idea that it's focused on New England. The following's a preliminary list (though in no order) of what's to be included in the book:

A. Deep in the Bowels of... Berks County: Lock 49 and Others
B. Sightings of the Jersey Devil in Pennsylvania
C. Sasquatch in Pennsylvania
D. Supernatural Sasquatch (the weird UFO, bulletproof, phasing, etc. encounters)
E. Thunderbirds of Northern Pennsylvania
F. Big Cat Sightings
G. Phantom Hounds, Black Dogs and Werewolves
H. Other Animal Ghosts
I. A section on things from my neck of the woods in Lancaster County
J. The Rest of the Weird (all the guys that don't fit anywhere else)

And probably other stuff I'm forgetting.

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