Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Readers, input! Questioning the future

I've begun to question what direction I should take Masks in. I've recently started more seriously tossing around the idea of writing a book or two on things and I don't really want to keep posting things on here as that would make a book sort of irrelevant. I'm mulling over whether I should switch focus to breaking news, or maybe to a more general worldwide focus rather than strictly regional.


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  1. These are always hard decisions. I find some things are serendipitious. I decided to write short stories with paranormal themes as a kind of Halloween gift during the month of October. But, once I did this, people got into reading them and told me I should publish them. Then, someone sent me connections to contests and magazines and before I knew it, I was winning things and getting published from the shorts I wrote in October. So, it made me take my writing seriously again. They can go hand-in-hand. One inspires the other. I'm working on many shorts and a few novellas and a few novels and a screeplay and the blog, but they sort of compliment each other. I love the news updates. Maybe they can spark ideas for your writing, as well. I suspect whatever you do, you'll do it thoroughly. You're always on top of things on your blog. Sometimes the blog, however, reminds us that we have more to say and maybe we're ready to do more with our writing. I think you're in that phase. I can totally relate. I still adore the blog--it's like the place to talk about the paranormal with like-minded folks and to meet people who might make bits and pieces of characters and motivations and situations...their stories are rich and interesting and complex. Everything you do feeds your writing, so I'd say keep blogging, but stick to something easier to handle when you're working on the big writing. Jeez, I hope that made sense. :-)