Sunday, November 15, 2009

Maryland and Delaware black dogs

Over on Mysterious Britain and Ireland is an article I've written on ghostly hounds in Maryland and Delaware.

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  1. That was a great post. I admit, I grew up in Fairfax County in Virginia (near DC) and I had never heard that story, but I do recall as a little kid telling my mom we had a ghost dog. The house was very haunted (Civil War Hospital). There was a big black dog that sat on its haunches near our trash cans. I'd see him in the shadows of the apple orchard and figured it was a neighbors dog that found his way through the woods to our place. Every now and then, I'd see him run through the boxwood maze and not come back out. One time, I saw him race from the boxwood maze to the creek. He trotted through it and out the other side and ran into the woods from behind the raspberry bushes. I followed him, thinking I should scare him off or our dogs might fight him (they were very protective). I stopped right where he'd run through the creek and was baffled. The muddy banks were completely untouched. It was most definitely the place he had plunged through because I was directly behind him running straight at him. He looked kind of like a huge Labrador, but much stronger with broader shoulders.