Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An old report of something

From The American Weekly Mercury (November 3, 1743):
To be seen at the house of John SAUNDERS, Huntsman, the Upper End of Second-Street, Philadelphia, a strange and surprizing creature called a mouse, about the bigness of an horse, it has a face like a mouse, ears like an ass, neck and back like a camel, hind-parts like an horse, tail like a rabbet, and feet like an heifer, and is of two colours. It was but lately brought to town and came 400 miles, and is so fine limb'd, that it can jump six feet high. Price to men and women 6 pence, and 3 pence to children.
I have no idea. Part must be an error in transcription (why would such a large animal be called a mouse?). Maybe it's describing a moose? Though the bit about jumping six feet is an elaboration, to be sure.

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